Drupal is a rapidly growing and respected Content Management System with a large community of support and expertise. It has been adopted by a growing number of organisations because of it's flexibility, security and modular approach to development. It allows for rapid construction of highly functional websites, separating design from functionality and allowing sites to evolve organically. Atomic Ant have a long history within Content managed solutions and choose Drupal as their preferred platform.

Drupal architecture

The standard release of Drupal, known as Drupal core, contains basic features common to most CMSs. These include the ability to register and maintain individual user accounts within a flexible and rich permission / privilege system, create and manage menus, RSS-feeds, customize page layout, perform logging, and administer the system. As installed, Drupal provides options to create a classic brochureware website, a single- or multi-user blog, an Internet forum, or a community website providing for User-generated content.