Policy Connect

Policy Connect is a diverse network of independent groups, comprising All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs), research commissions, membership forums and campaign coalitions.

Each group is unique, with its own programme of events, research and campaigning activity. However, all groups share the same fundamental principles that comprise the Policy Connect approach: non-profit, cross-party, fully transparent, providing policy expertise in a highly organised and professional manner.  

The Policy Connect network consists of 15 microsites across 5 main sectors.

Education & Skills

Skills Commission, Higher Education Commission, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills & Employment


Westminster Sustainable Business Forum, Carbon Connect, All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group, All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group

Energy Safety

Carbon Monoxide All Fuels Action Forum, All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group


Chronic Pain Policy Coalition, All-Party Parliamentary Health Group, Health in Parliament

Manufacturing, Design and Innovation

Design Commission, All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group


The structure was developed such that all site tools, styles and configurations could be used for individual microsites or the entire Policy Connect network - allowing an organically growing foundation for the organisation.