MyFinePix is where FinePix owners come together to share images, knowledge and inspiration. It's a buzzing online community featuring galleries, forums, photoblogs, news, features and competitions.

MyFinePix is full of life and colour. The galleries are bursting with incredible images from around the world, while the Photoblogs offer fascinating snapshots of the lives of FinePix photographers.

MyFinePix was a phased released in several countries and languages. It is designed to handle a massive online community all interacting, sharing and discussing photos. Building a site of this scale involved several key elements - handling the various country versions, multilingual templating, multilingual emails, competition management, theming and interface elements, export of registration and usage data to fuji, tagging, searching and profanity filtering.

The site is also designed to allow users to register their Fuji Products and provides them with an online inventory of products.

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